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Works carried out –

Fixture masking throughout property in preparation for spraying. Mist coat applied overall plasterwork – airless sprayed. Graco GX21ff and Johnstones JonMatt emulsion. Ceilings sprayed to a finish. Bathroom ceiling and walls and En-Suite ceiling airless sprayed using Johnstones Acrylic Durable Eggshell.

Dustless sanding and finishing filling work / priming carried out overall ceilings and walls. Dustless sanding and caulk fill / priming work carried out overall woodwork trim. Toupret ready mixed filler. HB42 caulk.

Acrylic primer undercoat x 2 and durable satin finish top coat applied to the new woodwork trim – airless sprayed. Graco GX21ff. Johnstones Aqua Guard primer and Aqua Guard Durable Satin.

Masking work carried out in preparation for wall finishings. Tesa pink low tack precision tape.

Two coats of durable matt emulsions of various colours applied overall walls.

All internal doors finished with a clear satin preserver.

De mask. Clear, final vac and tidy. Job done.